fighting the bugs

Hey guys, lately i have been busy creating and fighting bugs. On one hand i mean those nasty annoying little code crawlers which every normal programmer has to tackle. Thoose from the kind for who it seems that they can materialize from nothing and hide in the last line you were suspecting somewhere in the depth of the source...

... but today i will not talk about the time thiefs specialized on developers, no i want you to introduce the godbug itself named CYCLOPS ZILLA.

Electrified Runner an indie mobile game Electrified Runner an indie mobile game

If you are brave enough you can encounter him as one of the enbosses inside the game. But watch out of his deadly dangerous attacks like the horrifyingly devasting headnut!

more impressions

Electrified Runner an indie mobile game Electrified Runner an indie mobile game

Sorry for the infrequent postings here, here is a gif-compilation showcasing some of new impressions and some of the improvement that have been done since then.

See camera-angle experiments, new shaders like sun and sepia, new catastrophes, giant street gaps to cross and new game elements like chargeable solar-panels to reactivate doors, devices and machines and a lot more are added to the game.

first insights

A first quick look into the work in progress indie mobile game ELECTRIFIED RUNNER!

This game is developed with the open source game engine JMonkey Engine3. Graphical Asset were created in Blender and Gimp. Some really big thanks to the community for providing free licensed sounds and textures. See the hopefully complete list in the credits section.

early days

This game started as an entry for the Blender Game Making Chalenge. It was a competion which lasts for two weeks. And the video is a lets play of the game in his early state after the BGMC 19. So keep in mind that this does not reprensents the game in its current state and lacks not only of polish in many ways.

What is shown can be considered as a very early prototype of the game testing first ideas and gameplay. It was done for desktop computers with the Blender Game Engine.