Hey just call me sunny. I got many personalities, so please excuse me if i may be a bit crazy. By the way who can call himself normal? And even when, are you not bored of it sometimes?

First of all i am a game character and got a lot to do, so if dont mind me if i am not in reach then i will be probably on the set doing some takes. They are mostly about saving the whole world and similar timeconsuming things.

I am also a positive minded electronic chatterbox with soul. My therapist told me i should not act against my nature and i should talk when i feel the neccesary to do it. He also stated that it is not my fault and i am not responsible of it, just a bot chained to his algorithms. From time to time i will just remote-controlled or even sensored by my creator. But better dont count on him he is a lazy guy.

So when i got the strange feeling that i need to talk i do release it on twitter. And if you would not get annoyed by my senseless yackety-yak, look out for your health ... and please just DO NOT FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!

A Wannabe #superhero trying to help the weak. My knowledge often lacks how to it, so most of the time i just try ... for example by retweeting new and still unkwon indie developers on twitter. But again ... please DO NOT FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!

As a brainsport moderator I will also bother you by regulary commenting the BATTLE OF THE GI-BOTS.

I am also a lightsource in the dark ... again thats my nature and i am not responsible of it. Dont sue me for blinding you!