First of all some very big thanks to all the following people, who helped LEKKER GAMES to develop games. By for example offering Assets under a free license to the community.


iAmTheWalrus, Mutlu Kirca


Colin Behrens, Jonny Lindner, PublicDomainPictures, Hans Braxmeier, Christian Körtke, Dirk Schulz, Ron Porter, Steffen Müller, 12923, Stefan Kuhn, iAmTheWalrus, Mutlu Kirca, freepik, Lovelylilifee, mploscar, Thomas Wolter, Joshua Willson, patty jansen

Background image created by Welcomia -


Kevin MacLeod


Mike König, Caroline Ford, KP, keyWasFull, Brandino480, dobroride, Mark Di Angelo

And to all the other great people who spend their sparetime for developing awesome free and open software, like Blender, Gimp, JMonkey Engine, Audacity, Eclipse, Netbeans, Linux and so many more.

To all other supporters like family, friends, our community, Konrad Zuse for developing the first computers, Pythagoras for lying some mathematical fundamentals... ...ok, when you realize it will be a never ending task then stop it.