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Once upon a time .... and i really wish i had EEVEE at that time

history struggles history struggles

I do not remember when exactly i tried to arrange this collage of free models i gathered together from the web (with a few additions of mine) at that time. But it was long before such cool things like EEVEE. And i think it was even the time before cycles.

I could only found this render of a former state of the project. But i remember there was much more going on the scene: The ground inside the room was covered with much more plants, grass and plenty of flowers. There was also a naked man sitting in a huge birdcage and was watching tv. I tried to capture the feeling that human kind try to preserve an idylic/ideal world at home while the rest of the world goes down the plughole. And so beeing imprisoned inside its own dream house.

But i wanted to come to the point that the project reached a state where it was a pain to handle on my old crappy hardware. Rendering lasted a horrendous amount of time. Arranging in the viewport, even with everything split into layers, was not fluent anymore. And at some point i realized that i hardly could reach my imaginations for the project of all the things i wanted into that collage. And stopped the project for sake of my nerve and the resourcess of the planet.

Excuse me, but i could not found any credits for the used assets anymore. So if you spot something made by You and want the deserved credit for it, then please inform me.

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