A blender addon

Electrified Runner release 2017 Electrified Runner release 2017

which will help you in projecting/placing objects face to face in a fast and elegant way. It allows you to project a single or multiple source objects onto a target object. The projection points are determined by selecting a single face in the source object and one or multiple faces on the target object. This projections then can be altered in various ways. And applied in the end if you are happy with the results. Picked up again afterwards and changed again if needed.

various projection types

You can do single or multi target projections. And further its possible to use multiple source objects also.

Projecting one source object onto a single target face. The alignement can be tewaked afterwards.

single source/multi target projection single source/multi target projection

But even better we can also project source objects multiple times onto several target faces.

And last but not least it is also possible to project several different source objects onto multiple target faces.

Look at the documentation if you want to know how this works in detail.

Addon in action

Underground City Underground City

The Picture with the floating island and the city beneath was done with help of several addons. But here we want to show the role of the face2FACE addon. Tt is about fast, user friendly and efficent face to face projections. In this case they were used to quickly spread windows or other details over base blocks of the scifi buildings.

To get a gasp of how easy and fluently this process is, have a look at the following captured creation process:

If you want to know more about the whole creation process also with things covered that are not related to the face2FACE addon then read this here.

Find more stuff created with help of face2FACE in the media section. Or do not hesitate and just scroll a bit downwards grab a copy and start right away!

Get it

Download face2FACE version 0.66.6 (The devils tool)

This is the first public version. And even it is already tested and bugchased by me, You still have a good chance to find some bugs. If so please report them. Or if You have ideas for improvement then please let me know!