This is the showcase, junk room or whatever for projects, stuff made by or involving another random guy. For the sake of clarity, lets call him mosh.

Here you can found for example the face2FACE addon for Blender (Which is by the way one of the greatest open source software programms in the universe. Though this is no secret anymore).


Electrified Runner release 2017 Electrified Runner release 2017

which will help you in projecting/placing objects face to face in a fast and elegant way. It allows you to project a single or multiple source objects onto a target object. The projection points are determed by selecting a single face in the source object and one or multiple faces on the target object. This projections then can be altered in various ways. And applied in the end if you are happy with the results. Picked up again afterwards and changed again if needed.

Electrified Runner release 2017

This is just released in his first public Version ... so i would really be happy if you gave it a try and test it out. Report bugs and issues, what i would really appreciate. Or come up with new ideas for improvement. And if they are decided to be good, i will add to them to the list of already planned improvements.

This is also the home for the development of an mobile indie game called Electrified Runner. Which has been on hold during the last time, due to several reasons ... but expect it to be picked up and overhauled again.


Electrified Runner release 20?? Electrified Runner release 20??